The Slave Card Stampede

Thursday, May 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Jeff Berwick

Face it, we live in a prison planet. Just try travelling without a government issued slave card… a slave card (passport) that states right on the first page that it is not your property. It is the property of the government who purports to own you in the geographic region where you just happened to be born or settled.

You’d like to go somewhere and work? Not so fast, you need permission! Almost any nation-state on Earth will demand you get permission to work (permit/visa) if you wish to go to a different tax farm and be productive. And even if they allow you to work there they will almost surely take a large part of the fruits of your labor.

We’re all slaves now. But, given that this is the case, what can we do to live more freely in an unfree world?

One of the answers is counter-intuitive. In a world where we need our masters permission, a slave card, to move about, one way to become more free is to actually get more slave cards… Or, if your current slave card happens to be very onerous just to have, then it is best to get rid of the one you were given (renunciation… or just walk away) and get a better one.


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