UBS Cranks Up The European M.A.D.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden

Building on yesterday’s discussion of the lack of an integrated banking system and credible lender of last resort in Europe, UBS appears to have gone thermonuclear this morning. Their lengthy article ‘What If Greece Goes?’ outlines the contagion risk from an ‘orderly’ exit as markets, international trading companies, and bank depositors will all anticipate the consequences likely resulting in economic disorder. Their remains a great deal of complacency about the ability of firewalls to prevent this – but as they note – should bank runs begin, even a pan-European deposit guarantee scheme will not stop rational depositors extending bank runs instead of gambling on the probability of policy-maker actions. Laying out Greece’s options (renegotiate austerity or default), UBS summarizes the situation more profoundly: “Integrate Or Die” as without a Euro confederation (in their eyes), continental Europe will cry ‘havoc’ once again.

UBS – What If Greece Goes

The flaw in the Euro

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