Obama Now Claims The Power To Freeze Your Assets If You Oppose The New Government In Yemen…(Sheer Madness…)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

Alex Biles
May 16, 2012

Over at Salon, Glenn Greenwald has the goods on the latest astounding power grab by the Obama Administration.

According to The Washington Post, Obama has just issued an executive order claiming the power to freeze any assets you own, if you “directly or indirectly” obstruct the new government of Yemen.

There are hardly any criteria for judging just how broadly this order can be interpreted.
Here’s the background:

Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi is the new Yemeni president, and the former Vice President of long-time dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. Hadi was recently installed after an “election” where he ran unopposed, prompting celebrations about a new blooming democracy in the Middle East. Subsequently, the U.S. has sent millions in aid and military assistance to the Hadi government, despite its unpopularity among observers in the West and most importantly, the Yemeni people.
Do you oppose this? Better not say or do anything to protest it, or your bank account is getting frozen. The Washington Post sums it up:

President Obama plans to issue an executive order Wednesday giving the Treasury Department authority to freeze the U.S.-based assets of anyone who “obstructs” implementation of the administration-backed political transition in Yemen.

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