The Perfect Cornucopia from Hell is about to dump its rotten fruit upon the Earth

Friday, May 11, 2012
By Paul Martin

Tim Earl of Stirling
11 May 2012

There has been so much important and quite frankly downright scary material that I have covered lately, I have decided to write a overview of what is happening on this lovely planet that our Creator has given us. Where to begin? I guess I will say that ‘we live in a time when to be an alarmist is to be a realist’.

A small group of very evil families, of almost unbelievable wealth, the Global Banking Cartel families, have been behind most wars for over 200 years. They make their money off of death and destruction, off of the creation of money ‘from thin air’ and from loaning it to the nations of the World at interest. They are involved in all aspects of commerce and crime; were behind both Nazism and Communism. Organized the Napolonic Wars, the American Civil War, the Great War (WWI), the Second World War, and so very many others. They were behind Hitler’s concentration camps, the Soviet gulags, Red China’s slave prisons, and so very much more evil. They organized almost every economic boom and bust, economic panics, recessions, and depressions for 200+ years. They have killed Emperors, Kings, Presidents, Popes, and countless other leaders over the years. They have lusted after the ultimate power, the control of the entire World and all its resources, nations, and peoples for many generations. During all this time, they have largely been actual Satan worshipers, serving their master and supplying him with the broken souls and bodies from organized crime, revolutions, and the blood orgies we call ‘war’.

Now they are close to their long-sought goal of what they call their New World Order. They just need to finalize a few programs currently running, such as the Greatest Depression, a new high-technology based global police state, the BP Oil Disaster caused climate chaos, the Fukushima deliberately unresolved global nuclear nightmare, the population reduction efforts of Big Pharma and Big Arga, and a ‘little thing’ called World War III.

The sure fire way to drive humanity into the absolute horrors of a 21st Century-warfare based Third World War is to launch yet another Middle East war, this time on the Syrian/Iranian/Lebanese(Hezbollah)/Palestine/Gaza alliance.

The Russians see themselves surrounded by NATO/globalist efforts and see the evolving NATO ABM system as a vital national security threat. The Chinese also see their new found prosperity and power at grave risk. Both have recently sent strong diplomatic and military signals that they will not tolerate additional NATO created wars in the Arab/Muslim world. The Russians in particular see the coming war on Iran as a ‘next door’ military adventure that they simply cannot allow; the Chinese see the expanding Afghan War into Pakistan (their long-time close client state) as a grave next-door danger especially if India is successfully recruited into the globalist alliance. The Chinese are treating the growing military crisis with the Philippines as an opportunity to take the military initiative as a global war nears.

Currently a major “war game” on the Jordanian-Syrian border by 17 nations begins on May 15; only a spark could turn this into a full scale war. Turkey, at the other end of Syria, is supporting the foreign armed/organized/led/financed/equipped “opposition” and the Turkish Prime Minister has this week said that he may well invoke the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s provisions that require all NATO nations to militarily come to the aid of a fellow NATO member under attack; calls for a Turkish incursion into Syria to establish a “safe zone” for the population are growing very strong. NATO and allied navies are about to engage in major “war games” off of Oman and now two full squadrons of the most advanced warplane, the USAF F-22 Raptor stealth fighter, are poised in the Middle East near Iran.

A NATO meeting is to be held in Chicago beginning May 15 and leaked stories strongly suggest that perhaps the largest and most deadly False Flag Operation may happen there.

The Israelis have begun a war-level massive Army reserves call-up that was quickly put under Military Censor rules. This week’s new ‘unity government’ is widely seen in the Middle East (both in Israel itself and in the Arab/Muslim world) as a War Government formed to wage war on Iran/etc. Serious and highly experienced recently-retired highest-level intelligence officials in Israel, have called for the Netanyahu drive towards war to be ended; only their efforts have been without success. They know the grave dangers that the Israeli population is about to face and know that their nation is at serious risk of total destruction, as well as all of the Middle East.

The Iranian/Syrian/Hezbollah/Gaza/Palestine alliance has perhaps a full 100,000 rockets and guided missiles, with Advanced Conventional (fuel air explosive) warheads and chemical/radiological/Advanced Biological warheads, ready to turn most of Israel into a graveyard. The Iranians, have no need of an expensive global nuclear MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force against the United States and NATO. They have the Advanced Biological Warfare technology that they acquired when the Soviet Union imploded twenty-some years ago. This has allowed them to create doomsday viruses based on recombination DNA genetic engineering technology and to, no doubt, distribute dozens of unstoppable mutant killer viruses to ‘sleeper’ agents located throughout North America and Europe. If Iran’s ancient civilization, people and religion are to be destroyed in the globalist/Zionist onslaught, they will be able ‘to return the favor’.

Israel, of course has several hundred nuclear warheads of all types and sizes, with short/medium/global delivery systems. They can and will destroy all of the Middle East if they see their existence at risk in some new Holocaust. In fact, they have made sure to publicize the Samson Option, which calls for the nuclear destruction of many of the World’s great cities (especially in North America and Europe/Asia) in event of an Israeli defeat.

That we are unnecessarily headed into the worst mutual and fatal destruction for all sides in the coming global war seems to have no effect on the globalist/Netanyahu side. That is perhaps the most scary thing about all of this, as one side is not dealing with events in a rational and logical way, ensuring that the drive to global annihilation becomes successful in the near term. We face a future where, in much of the developed world, there will not be sufficient living to bury the dead. We are, in fact, looking at the Perfect Cornucopia from Hell about to spell its rotten fruits upon the whole of the planet (and all human and animal life thereon).


Tim Earl of Stirling
news blog EUROPE

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