24 Facts That Prove That America Is A Nation Of Slobs

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
By Paul Martin


What would our founders say if they could see us now? Americans like to believe that the rest of the world looks up to us, but the truth is that the rest of the world is laughing at us. It may be very difficult for us to admit, but the reality is that America has become a nation of slobs. And I am not just talking about being overweight. Today, Americans are physical, mental, emotional, moral, financial and political slobs. We are addicted to entertainment, we are addicted to shopping, we are addicted to food, we are addicted to prescription drugs, and we are addicted to anything else that gives us the pleasure that we crave. We allow our televisions to do our thinking for us and our families are falling apart. Our lives center around pleasing ourselves, and we have become one of the most narcissistic societies in the history of the world. We are like a middle-aged man that has totally let himself go. You know the guy who shows up for an important event in sandals, sweatpants and a stained t-shirt? That is us. We are only a shadow of what we once were as a nation, and we desperately need to change course.

So what is the solution?

Well, just like any addict, the first thing that we need to do is to admit that there is a problem. Until we admit how dramatically we have fallen, we are never going to be ready to make the changes that are necessary.

And yes, we have fallen a long, long way as a country.

The following are 24 facts that prove that America is a nation of slobs….

#1 Right now, approximately 36 percent of all Americans are obese. It is being projected that number will rise to 42 percent by 2030.

#2 Back in 1962, only 13 percent of all Americans were obese.

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