Nigel Farage – There Will Be an Attempt to Install a Dictatorship

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
By Paul Martin
May 8, 2012

With escalating fears regarding the stability of the eurozone, today King World News interviewed former LBMA commodities broker and trader and current MEP Nigel Farage to get his take on the situation. Farage told KWN he believes there will be an attempt, within months, to install a dictatorship in Europe. Here is what Farage had to say about the situation: “Frankly, the whole thing is falling apart. And in the middle of all of this, Mrs Merkel came out and said, ‘The fiscal treaty cannot be renegotiated, and it must hold.’ So, I suppose, for once, we’ve got the Germans providing the humor, because this thing isn’t going to hold.”

Nigel Farage continues:

“I now believe the euro and the whole euro system is now in, by far, the deepest crisis that we’ve seen. We are in totally uncharted, chaotic territory. In some ways the ball is very much on the German side of the court. If they are unable to impose the discipline they thought this new Compact Treaty would give them, then maybe it’s the Germans that say, ‘Right, Greece you’ve got to leave.’ We know once Greece leaves, the dominos start to fall.

To say that it’s a total mess is entirely accurate. You cannot have national democracy and this new form of economic and political government. We’ve seen these guys do some terrible things. I mean they’ve gotten rid of elected Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy.

But they cannot at the moment, without imposing a total dictatorship, stop general elections from taking place in countries….

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