The Mechanics for the Destruction of the US Economy

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Henry Shivley

It has been almost four years since the crash of the mortgage derivatives Federal Reserve Ponzi scheme. Simultaneously and as a part of that crash, credit lines for small businesses were revoked, causing factory shutdowns and job losses, which caused further foreclosures and the loss of $billions in private retirement accounts. All of these things were the result of international crimes having been committed by the international banking cartels. Since then our national debt has grown by $6 trillion.

In contrary to what the mainstream propagandists would have us believe, our people continue to see businesses shut down and moved out of our country. We are still losing net jobs by the thousands every week. The home foreclosures continue as more of the toxic derivatives from around the world are drawn out of cyberspace and put on the books of the American people as debt.

As a reward for the propagation of this destruction, the corporate elite continue to procure record profits through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT for the economic terrorism they are committing upon the American people. Of course all along the way, the battle rages to see whether the neo-con national socialists or the soviet socialist can up the scale of the theft of our natural resources to a higher degree.

So we hear, “Stimulus spending” and “Green energy projects” from the soviet socialists, countered by, “Spending cuts” and “Tax cuts” from the national socialists. And the theft goes on, status quo.

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