Peru Biologist Warns Mass Dolphin Die-off Virus Could Mutate to Humans, Possibly Cause Worldwide Epidemic

Wednesday, May 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

Update, May 2, 2012:

This news service creates news by distorting citations. I did never say the virus that killed the dolphins could create a worldwide epidemic. This is not good journalism.
Stefan Austermühle, Mundo Azul

Austermuhle’s comment raises more questions than answers so we’ve contacted the director of Mundo Azul for clarification.

What was Austermuhle’s original warning?

A ‘localized’ dolphin virus epidemic or a virus killing the dolphins that can possibly be transmitted to humans?

LaRepublica reported a warning the virus could ‘mutate in humans’, and,

“It is possible that this virus could generate an epidemic such as avian flu, which killed thousands of people around the world, he (Austermuhle) said.”

Peru news reports include the warning for residents and fishermen along the northern coast of Peru don’t handle the dead dolphins, pelicans, and, hopefully, other dead marine animals on the beaches. The bodies of the dead marine animals are incinerated.

What is the virus?

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