17 Reasons Why Texas With Other States Should Secede if Obama is Reelected this November.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It is my concern that as a people, we have to do what it takes to survive and prevail. Right now American is a sinking ship going down, the bow first under water. The captain of the ship and his first officers and the staff are saying do not close the watertight doors. The Captain knows the bow has been damaged severely and is taking on water. It is matter of time before the water goes through the other watertight compartments instead of sealing the doors in all compartments to protect the rest of the ship.

The passengers and the crew that have enough sense to see by going with the captain’s directives will get us all killed and the passenger demanding action to save the ship. They have to two choices, have a mutiny on the ship to keep the boat floating or go to a lifeboat. The crew and the passengers who are aware of the incompetent officers and the captain let the ship take on too much water. To seal the compartments is no longer an option to make a difference because they are all flooded. Therefore, the last option is find a lifeboat and get in it and row away as fast as they can before the sinking ship sucks them down too as the ocean liner goes to the ocean floor never to float again.

America is that sinking ship that is taking on water faster and faster. The leadership in this nation refuses to follow common sense solutions and the Constitution. Actually, they have done everything possible to make sure the country sinks faster instead of reversing course. As people of the several states, what is our only solution left after we tried everything and it has fell on deaf ears? I see secession is the one remedy for many states that reject President Obama’s agenda and want to survive.

Here are reasons why states should secede if Obama is elected a second term:

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