Monday, April 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
April 16, 2012

[Note: Relevant to my recent series on disarming America, if parts to our military’s weapons don’t work, it’s as though they’re disarmed. The first sentence in The Telegraph article “U.S. weapons ‘full of fake Chinese parts’,” (November 8, 2011) states: “Thousands of United States’ warplanes, ships and missiles contain fake electronic components from China, leaving them open to malfunctions, according to a U.S. Senate committee.” The committee found more than a million fake parts, mostly from China, in the 1800 cases it investigated. And Sen. Carl Levin emphasized those cases are “just the tip of the iceberg.” The article explained that the problems “have dated from a decision in the 1990s, by the Clinton administration, to cut costs by asking the Pentagon to buy ‘off-the-shelf’ electronics, rather than designing its own systems.”]

In my latest book, The Power Elite and the Secret Nazi Plan, I refer to infamous Nazi Adolph Eichmann associate Otto von Bolschwing, whom Allen Dulles (head of the CIA under President Eisenhower) helped immigrate to the U.S. in 1954. According to The Secret War Against the Jews by John Loftus and Mark Aarons, Bolschwing had said that in any future war, the support of the Moslem world was essential to Hitler’s plan. Beginning in the 1930s, the Nazis had allied with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), which would be an important part of fulfilling the secret Nazi plan for world control, perhaps coming to fulfillment today.

Hamas comes from the MB, and in Steven Emerson’s American Jihad: The Terrorists Living Among Us, he listed Hamas as having groups and conventions in Oklahoma City. Relevant to the Oklahoma City bombing on April 19, 1995 (anniversary this coming Thursday), Jim Crogan in “An Oklahoma Mystery: New hints of links between Timothy McVeigh and Middle Eastern terrorists” (L.A. Weekly, July 24-30, 2002) wrote that “an undated intelligence report by [Director of the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare Yossef] Bodansky discusses alleged terrorist training inside the U.S. that included some ‘Lily Whites.’… Bodansky states the training was ordered by Iran and conducted by Hamas operatives…. Bodansky’s sources also report that at least two of the 1993 participants came from Oklahoma City.”

Al Qaeda also came from the MB, and its leader Osama bin Laden’s father Mohammad bin Laden founded the Saudi Bin Laden Group in 1931. The group invested in the global satellite communications system Iridium (begun in November 1998), which would be used by the Pentagon for its communications. Seven months before the 9/11 attacks by Al Qaeda, National Security Agency (NSA) chief Gen. Mike Hayden on CBS’s “60 Minutes” (February 13, 2001), revealed that “Osama bin Laden has at his disposal the wealth of a $3 trillion-a-year telecommunications industry that he can rely on…. He has better technology available to him than does the NSA.”

Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh’s alleged bombing partner, Terry Nichols, first met Ramzi Youssef (Al Qaeda 1993 World Trade Center bombing mastermind) in the Philippines on December 17, 1991. The FBI could have prevented the 1993 bombing, because the bomb designer asked his FBI contact to give him fake bombmaking material, but the contact didn’t. The FBI also could have prevented the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City, but it prevented the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (BATF) from its planned raid of Elohim City to arrest Andreas Strassmeir, described as the bombing “instigator.”

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