Life Will Be Dangerous Living in Ignorace With a Predetory Criminal Government on the Prowl

Saturday, April 14, 2012
By Paul Martin
Friday, April 13, 2012

I thank God I know the difference of how life was in America and what it is like now. It was not a Norman Rockwell era, it was still a time I had my innocence. I was taught that good work habits and having a moral life was the pathway to success. We were encouraged to be law-abiding people. We were told if we obeyed the law and respected people’s personal boundaries, property and dignity. We have nothing to worry about as far as negative consequences. The government will leave us alone.

Today it is not the case at all. To think if we obey the law and thinking the government will leave you alone is something of the past now. Now many law-abiding people are very naive and gullible trusting the government. If they obey the government, they will be left alone. Now we have a predatory government that feeds off the people who still earn money and pay for good and services. Now life here is turned upside down were good is evil and evil is good. Obeying the law will get you killed now. It is getting to the point we cannot turn in our guns, we can no longer go into FEMA camps when the order is given.

We can no longer trust the government. The system is set up to ensnare the law abiding people into a trap if it getting a traffic tickets or code enforcement coming out to say the mailbox is not up to code. The mundane thing may now be criminal and what was outlawed is now legal. We can no longer count on us being good people to get us out of trouble when the government comes looking. We are now going to have to take the time to stay informed of the real issues of the day. Ignorance is no longer bliss it can also be fatal. Now we have a government that rewards criminal behavior and punishes virtue.

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