Jaws of DEATH

Friday, March 30, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Theodore (Ty) Andros
Friday, 30 March 2012

As leviathan government, Central Bankers and the welfare states battle Mother Nature and Darwin, the stakes for the global banksters and elites could not be higher. Governments in the US and Europe are striving to place debt and legal shackles on those they pretend to serve and working for the interests of banksters, power-hungry public servants and entrenched government bureaucrats against that of their own constituents.

Welfare states on both sides of the Atlantic are creating legions of government dependents to justify their TAKINGS of the private sector. Having already spent the money they have collected and borrowed since Bretton Woods II, credit markets are REJECTING their requests for further lending. New sources of REVENUES must be found since they have effectively DESTROYED wealth and income creation in their economies. So it’s off to the printing press and PROGRESSIVE, rubber-stamp legislatures they go.

Using FEAR, FORCE and runaway legislation/regulation to achieve their goals of domination, unaccountable socialists in Washington and Brussels are working overtime with their mainstream media to dupe and subjugate their constituents. The public misunderstands socialism. They think socialism is the government transferring wealth from the rich to the poor. NO, it is the transfer of wealth from the poor and confiscating the fruits of the private sector for government to spread as thin gruel for all. It is misery spread widely for all.

The Jaws of DEATH spell doom for the dollar over the long term. This is the mother and father of dozens of BLACK SWANS throughout the financial systems of the world. What are the Jaws of Death you ask? Take a look:

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