Thursday, March 29, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Coach Dave Daubenmire
March 29, 2012

I have been on a roll with my last few commentaries. If my inbox is any indication then there are a lot of folks who have had it up to their ears with “church.”

They are not fed up with Jesus, just the way that organized religion represents Him to the world.

It has been invigorating, and humbling, to know that I have been able to articulate what so many others are feeling.

Writing a weekly commentary makes one feel very vulnerable. The number of folks who “lie in the weeds” ready to pounce on any miss-application of Scripture could cause one to be a bit apprehensive in expressing one’s views.

But I just write what I feel…not sure if it is the Holy Spirit or my gut…but I do the best to write it straight-forward, despite the assault that usually follows.

They accuse me of “church bashing,” of “sowing discord” in the body, and of criticizing “God’s anointed.” (I love to ask them if it is possible to be anointed to irritate the anointed. It stumps them every time.)

Leadership is most demonstrated by moving forward in the face of adversity. It is compromise and retreat that has put the American Church in the position it is in. Our tepid-leadership has not been up to the task. We have many “managers,” but not many “leaders.” Most pastors are more perplexed with “wild-fire” Christians than they are with the destructive exploits of the Evil One.

I wish you could read my emails. You wouldn’t believe some of the antics pastors have pulled on out-spoken Christians. They love to run off the non-compliant, calling them “goats,” while doing all they can to domesticate their compliant sheep.

Your affirmation of my diagnosis of the cause and effect of spiritual-lethargy has encouraged me to move forward.

I won’t sit silently and wait for others. It is time to get your butt into the game.

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