A Noose Is Tightening As War Looms

Tuesday, March 27, 2012
By Paul Martin

March 27, 2012

With war looming and oil trading near recent highs, today King World News was given exclusive distribution rights to the following piece from #1 rated analyst Michael Rothman. Rothman is the Founder of Cornerstone Analytics. He has been rated #1 for Independent Energy Research by Institutional Investor Magazine since 2006. Rothman consults directly with governments and has attended every OPEC meeting since 1986. Here is what Rothman had to say about the current situation: “A proverbial noose is tightening around Iran’s economic livelihood as seen by a fairly rapid drop in its output and exports. Withholding payments to ship owners for moving Iran’s crude is the latest tactic to squeeze Tehran’s revenue by targeting the logistics side of the export process.”

Michael Rothman continues:

“It’s not clear how many ships might face this hold-up of payment but the various bits and pieces of compliance to bring the nuke issue to a head is manifesting in unplanned losses of Iranian production – which appear to have dropped to new 10 years lows as per our chart below.

In the balance is the hope that any losses of Iranian and shortfalls still evidenced by non-OPEC producers can be made up by Saudi Arabia, particularly given still strong demand readings. Frankly we’re skeptical given our analyses that spare capacity evaporated this past summer.

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