Big Sunspot 1429 still erupting, Sunspots 1445 and 1444 pose a new threat

Sunday, March 25, 2012
By Paul Martin
MARCH 25, 2012

In morning of March 24, a near M-Class flare took place around Sunspot 1445 at around 08:50-09:00 UTC. There was a gap in data on the GOES X-Ray Flux graph, however it was picked up on the EVE Diode X-Ray signal. Comparing it to yesterday’s M1.0, it looks like this flare registered as a long duration C9.

Sunspot 1445 (old sunspot 1431) rotated back into view off the southeast limb. This returning region is proving to be active and produced a minor C6.5 flare, followed by a moderate M1.0 event at 19:40 UTC Friday afternoon. Solar activity looks to be increasing. (SolarHam)

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