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Sunday, March 25, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Revolution Radio

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”
Abraham Lincoln

We are in the midst of a battle of Ideologies. This is going on in the military as we speak, at a rapid pace. During the Clinton regime, there was a “purge” of the “Old Guard”. The old idea of patriotism, was to be done away with. Having the honor of serving in The Marine Corp, I knew such men. Men of Great Honor, Courage, Love Of Country and it’s people.

But, that style of thought needed to be erased. What was needed was a General staff for the transformation to a “Global Force” under the UN. A “Politically Correct” Military. A Military that could be “Unified”.

I have a friend with a child in the military. This “child” recently told the “parent”, that the “rumble on the tarmac”, was “your going to be fully politically correct, or your career was not going to be nice”.

There is a “Huge Rift” in the military as we speak. Whats left of the “Patriot” Officer Corps, against the “Do whatever we are told” NWO military.

As we are going to see with an article from WorldNetDaily.com, the “purge” is continuing.

Who will win in the end? Truth or Lies and Deception?


By Jack Minor

Dr. Terry Lakin, an officer who was drummed out of the Army for questioning Obama’s eligibility, says that a veteran Marine facing discharge after he posted a comment on Facebook contending the president’s birth certificate is fake shows the need for the military and Congress to resolve the issue.

As WND reported, Marine Sgt. Gary Stein is under investigation and facing possible discharge over a Facebook page he created for military members to speak out called Armed Forces Tea Party, in which he, too, questioned Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president under the U.S. Constitution.

Lakin said there are many soldiers in the military like Stein who have questions about Obama, but they are often afraid to speak out.

“While I was in the Army there were a lot of people in the Pentagon who were concerned about this issue,” Lakin said, “but they were concerned about their career and paycheck.”

Stein is under investigation for online remarks made as an officer, but contends his page makes it plain the page is not affiliated with the U.S. military, saying, “We do not represent, and are in no way affiliated with the military, or the United States Armed Forces.”

Further, Stein says, “There is no picture of me in uniform anywhere on Facebook; there is no way anyone can say I am presenting myself as a representative of the Marine Corps.”

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