DAVID KOTOK: We Are In Uncharted Waters

Saturday, March 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

Rob Wile
Mar. 24, 2012

David Kotok just broke out the lost-at-sea imagery to describe the current investment environment.

Wiring in from Paris, where he’s attending the fifth-annual Risks International conference, the Cumberland Advisors founder said there’s never been so much uncertainty in the markets:

“My takeaway, after twenty research papers and speeches from world-renowned experts, remains the same as previously shared in these commentaries: We do not know how this process will end. We have never been in a place where the major central banks of the world have tripled the sizes of their balance sheets and have driven the short-term interest rate near zero. We are in uncharted waters. We do not know where the rocks and shoals lie.”

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Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/kotok-uncharted-waters-2012-3#ixzz1q2nhRu8h

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