BOB JANJUAH: The Whole Market Is Rigged, And The Dow To Gold Ratio Is Headed For 1:1…(Welcome To Absurdistan!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
By Paul Martin

Joe Weisenthal

It really is a banner day for analysts taking extremes.

You have Goldman calling a generational buying opportunity in stocks.

You have Citi calling for a new industrial revolution.

You have Albert Edwards calling for the return of “the ice age.”

And then you have…Bob Janjuah, who in his latest note flips out on everything.
There’s not a ton new here.

He thinks the market is totally rigged, and is a bubble, and that he can’t really offer any insight because things are so rigged (his cop out explanation for why his bearish prognostications have not come to pass). He still just likes gold and high-quality non-financial corporate debt.

He says Bernanke and Draghi are running roughshod over democracy and the rule of law,, effectively destroying the pillars of Western Civiliazation

He concludes:

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