All Ammunition Sales Could be Cut Off in the Name of National Defense Resource Preparedness?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
By Paul Martin
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This President is trying to set up a dictatorship by executive orders bypassing congress. We all know he is very anti gun. Obama and his attorney general are trying to disarm the people by hook or crook. They tried operation fast and furious as a false flag to attack the right to keep and bear arms as a reason to go after our guns. The right to keep and bear arms like Social Security is now the third rail in Politics. Congress cannot get a bill passed because if they vote against the right to keep and bear arms. Then there is a good chance the incumbent Congressional Representative will not be reelected if they vote against the second amendment.

President Obama signed executive Order called the National defense Recourse Preparedness declaring Martial Law on America. Under the executive order, the President though his agencies can seize anything and everything, including people in the name of national preparedness. Can we see gun sales escalate to a new high again? Ever since Obama was announced as the President Elect, firearm sales have seen a drastic increase with the trajectory going higher.

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