The Planet X Cover-up in the Mainstream Media

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
By Paul Martin

Justin Braithwaite

On December 30th, 1983, NASA’s Chief Scientist of the Infra-Red Astronomical Satellite telescope (IRAS) announced that NASA had discovered Planet X.

Just one week after the story of Planet X was released, the magazine US News and World Report ran a story retracting the announcement and NASA has been silent ever since.

That didn’t stop Dr. Robert S. Harrington who was the chief astronomer of the US Naval Observatory until his mysterious death in 1993.

By analyzing an extensive amount of publications relating to Planet X, in chronological order, not only does the cover up of Planet X become extraordinary, but one gains a unique perspective of the evolution of the Planet X discovery.

The following is a comprehensive collection of excerpts from Planet X articles dating back to the 1950’s. Pay close attention to the tone of each article as the theories progress.

Early Speculation — 1950 to 1968

In 1950, Immanuel Velikovsky published his ground-breaking work, Worlds in Collision. The hateful scientific attacks upon him were crushing, yet, his book was found open on Einstein’s desk after his death.

This suppression was aimed not just at Velikovsky. It was aimed at the kind of knowledge that naturally flows out from what is certainly, one of the most challenging books in the history of science. If was in the midst of this scientific pogrom, that the Planet X story truly began.

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