The civil servants are the masters now – and our democracy suffers…(Psychopaths…UK Style!)

Saturday, March 17, 2012
By Paul Martin

Attempts to reform human rights law are being frustrated by liberal bureaucrats.

By Charles Moore
16 Mar 2012

Islamist fanatics want rule by the sharia, their version of the law of God. They reject what they call “man-made” laws – the laws by which most nations live. For the same reason, Islamists reject democracy. It is a sham, they say, and an offence against God.

Those who support the untrammelled power of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) are the secular equivalent. They think that the European Convention on Human Rights and the Strasbourg court which enforces it are sacred. They believe these rights should be forced upon people everywhere, regardless of how anyone votes. Human rights are their sharia.

In Iran, the Guardian Council of senior clergy makes the final decision about whether anything passed by the parliament is compatible with Islamic law. In Europe, the ECHR has the same absolute authority over the decisions of all the member parliaments, including our own. True, its punishments do not (yet) involve stoning or the cutting off of hands, but the principle is the same: “We,” says the priesthood of human rights lawyers, “are in possession of the truth: no other power may stand against us.”

Even before he became Prime Minister, David Cameron was suspicious of the human rights theocrats. Once he had reached 10 Downing Street, he tried to do something about it. He set up a commission on a British Bill of Rights. The idea was not to get rid of human rights, but to bring them home. At present we have a situation in which, for example, the ECHR can rule that Britain must give prisoners the vote. No major political party and no large section of public opinion agree. Yet, under the present arrangements, there is absolutely nothing that our elected representatives can do about it.

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