A Successful Revolution Avoids Violence

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
By Paul Martin

Two Kinds of Resistance to Tyranny

by Gary North

Would you rather wind up like David Koresh or Barack Obama?

Does this sound like a silly question? It isn’t.

Koresh thought he could kill federal officers and get away with it. He got killed, taking a lot of naive, trusting, and armed adults with him . . . and unarmed children.

Obama decided to follow the tactics of Saul Alinsky, a non-violent revolutionary who adopted the tactics of resistance used by Gandhi. A successful revolution avoids violence.

Who has been more successful in pursuing his agenda?

A decade before Koresh died and 19 years before Obama worked with ACORN, an Alinsky-inspired political organization (R.I.P.), I edited two volumes:

Theology of Christian Resistance
Tactics of Christian Resistance
In Tactics, I discussed Alinsky’s tactics. I recommended them, though of course modified so as not to pursue the strengthening of the state. I opposed armed resistance.

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