From The Bill Of Rights To Guantanamo North In 7 Steps

Monday, March 12, 2012
By Paul Martin
March 12, 2012

If I ever returned to America, they would throw a black bag over my head, put me in an orange jump suit and have me on the first plane to Guantanamo.

Quoted from an American expatriate who practices the First Amendment on the Internet.

Most Americans have not been paying attention but the Department of Homeland Security is close to turning what used to be a free nation into Guantanamo North. I would like to document the 7 steps to Slavery so we can reverse the process on the way back to freedom.

That reversal process has already begun with the filing of House Joint Resolution 107 demanding Impeachment hearings begin if Obama seeks to start another war without Congressional approval in violation of the Constitution. Impeachment will go nowhere with the current Congress which has repeatedly demonstrated their loyalty to Wall Street by voting consistently against us and refusing to demand criminal investigations in to the theft of tens of trillions of dollars. But I am supremely confident we will win and that the Too Big To Jail banks will lose as soon as we gain momentum for revolutionary change engendered by the coming Hyperinflationary Depression.

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