The Trespass Bill Now Law: A Time for Civil Disobedience in Mass

Sunday, March 11, 2012
By Paul Martin
Sunday, March 11, 2012

Washington is now become paranoid and for a very good reason. They no longer work for the American people and not for the best interest of the republic. Congress has failed in keeping Obama’s power in check. Not just in power restricting him in his war powers. Also on many fronts, we have seen an executive power grab on a scale never seen before. From the TSA to the FDA, Americans are now pissed off for very good reasons. We have been taken over by offshore banks and multi national corporations.

We are seeing the shredding of our Constitution and bill of rights before our eyes. We are seeing the power being taken away from the states. We are tired of the insider trading of congressional representatives making person financial gains while serving in congress. We cannot get the courts to hold the government accountable, nor can we get any response or at least hear our case. We are getting to the point when our freedom of speech is now under attack, it is getting very close that a force of arms might be our own option left when all else fails if we do not do something bold to let them know we will no longer tolerate lawlessness in government.

Now it is the time for civil disobedience in mass on Washington. This trespass bill is an attack on our freedoms. The capital building and all other government offices belong to the people. We pay for them. They are ours to begin with. The Politicians do not own the government. We are the government being the consent of the governed. They are just stewards we send to represent us. All just powers derive from the consent of the governed. The consent of the governed means “us”. Neither the lobbyist nor the Special interest groups either own the government. It belongs to us. Just because Congress is getting paranoid of the people because they broke all their promises they made. Passing this trespass bill is a way to protect themselves from the people. It is up to us to say “no”

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