Saturday, March 10, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Charlotte Iserbyt
March 10, 2012

[NOTE: This article, written in February 2004, relates to what is going on across the nation today. When written in 2004 regionalism, consolidation of schools, etc. was being promoted by our socialist governor Baldacci. What is important today is that this very same agenda is now being supported by Maine’s new “conservative?” Governor Paul LePage, with direction and support from the neoconservative Heritage Foundation’s state affiliate Maine Heritage Policy Center. What more proof do we have than fact the left and phony right (neoconservatives…former Trotskyites) have the same agenda? Maine’s state government is being dismantled piece by piece, by the likes of these traitor groups. Legislation is in the works to reduce Maine’s counties by 50%, legislators by 50%, implement unelected tax-supported charter schools (necessary for Soviet-style school to work), all of which is the end of free market capitalism and representative government in the USA.

Is it any wonder that when, in 1975, I asked William Rusher, the former Editor of National Review “why don’t conservative organizations and media ever deal with the dangers of regional government?” the answer was “Oh, I guess they just don’t think it is very important.” Oh, really? They thought it was so important they didn’t want anyone to know about it; that it is the system of governance supported by the left and the right, completely necessary for international socialist government, with its planned economy using charter schools, and use of unelected councils (soviets) to run not only our schools but all of us lifelong (UNESCO agenda).

Wake up to the dangers of REGIONALISM, which, as you will read below, is defined as “communism” in an article in The Communist Daily World, 1975.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt
Former Senior Policy Advisor
U.S. Department of Education]

An article in The Times Record, Brunswick, Maine, dated 2/1/04 entitled “Regional Efforts Taking Root” says “About 50 elected officials, planners, natural resources advocates and economic development specialists gathered from every town in Sagadahoc County, Brunswick and Harpswell Thursday to talk about regionalism, a concept that is being encouraged statewide by Governor John N. Baldacci.” (Note: Maine’s Governor Baldacci had one of the most, if not the most, socialist voting record of any Congressman during his tenure in Congress. Shouldn’t that be adequate warning to our elected officials to at least keep this concept of regionalism at arms length and not to embrace it without studying its origins, unless they themselves are socialists?)

The article goes on to quote an elected official on the Town Council as saying: “A first step will be to educate the public about the importance of regionalism so citizens will support these efforts. We need to shock people a little bit.”

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