HCON 107 Introduced to the Committee on the Judiciary of Congress – Bill to Impeach Obama, due to Military Force without Congress Approval

Friday, March 9, 2012
By Paul Martin

Sherrie Questioning All
Friday, March 9, 2012

Well looks like things are really getting interesting. First Greece defaulted today 3/9/12 and the derivatives are going to kick in, to who knows how many trillions of bets Wall Street has made on it. Which by the way might kick in those “bank holidays” that could come up soon. So as a little hint, you may just want to get lots of your money out of the banks in the next couple of days, just in case.

But what is post is really about is that Rep. Jones out of South Carolina has introduced HCON 107 into the house and it is going to the Committee on the Judiciary for the Impeachment of Obama.

This is for him authorizing military force without the consent of Congress. Since Congress is the only one that can declare a war.

Well here is yet another popcorn event… gosh I sure am going to be needing a lot in the next couple of months with all that is going on.

Oh, I guess Obama won’t like this distraction during an election year and of course his spin machines will claim it is being done just because it is an election year too.

Here is the full Bill:

The Rest…HERE

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