The Western/Israeli War Against Iran Is A Distraction From The Global Financial And Political Crisis

Thursday, March 8, 2012
By Paul Martin

Saman Mohammadi
March 8, 2012

“You notice all this is happening as the world hurdles into a depression, as world government is openly announced. This giant war that’s being prepared is the political distraction that they need to clamp down domestically. And it’s going to help the Mullahs as well. They want to hold onto power, they don’t care if their country gets bombed or wrecked. That will actually keep them in power.” – Alex Jones, March 6, 2012.

“After reading Bibi Netanyahu’s profoundly delusional and mendacious Aipac speech from earlier today, I’m left with two impressions: the most important one is that Israel will attack Iran. His remarks read like a declaration of war.” – Richard Silverstein, “Bibi’s Declaration Of War (On Iran)” March 6, 2012.

“And you, chiefs and governors of the people! before dragging the masses into the quarrels resulting from your diverse opinions, let the reasons for and against your views be given. Let us establish one solemn controversy, one public scrutiny of truth — not before the tribunal of a corruptible individual, or of a prejudiced party, but in the grand forum of mankind — guarded by all their information and all their interests. Let the natural sense of the whole human race be our arbiter and judge.” – Constantin-François Volney, “The Ruins.”
The global financial crisis, caused by Western banks and made worse by Western governments, is drastically reducing the credibility of Western institutions and leaders.

America’s leaders are facing a crisis of political legitimacy because of their treason against the American people and Constitution. They are acting in a state of emergency, so they believe the rule of law does not apply to them.

Israel’s leaders are facing a crisis of political legitimacy in their neck of the woods, too. But it is the Arab Spring, not the financial crisis, that is threatening them and undermining their political supremacy.

Iran’s leaders are also facing a crisis of political legitimacy. The young generation of Iran, which is half of the country, is not drawn to Islam. They loathe being told how to live and what to think by a group of old, corrupt, and morally degenerate tyrants who rule in the name of God.

All three regimes in America, Israel, and Iran are radical, revolutionary, authoritarian, fascist, deeply secretive, criminal, cynical, and cruel.

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