The Parralells of Two Dictators: General Santa Anna and President Obama. A Lesson from The Alamo and the Coming Second American Revolution.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

Looking back in history, 176 years ago before Texas was a republic 185 men were under siege at an old Spanish Mission called the Alamo that is located in San Antonio Texas. The men of early Texas could have walked away which they had the chance. Nevertheless, they stood and held their ground knowing they all would die defending the fortress. They would not make any deals with the Mexican dictator. The defenders of the Alamo did not know that Texas declared their independence standing at their post.

On March 2 1836, early Texans gathered to form a new government. A delegation of representatives gathered in a place having the name called today the Washington on the Brazos signing a Declaration of Independence from the Mexican Dictator General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna. Many early Texans knew sixty years prior. Their ancestors fought and threw off British rule. The early colonist did not tolerate being a slave under a King and the Bank of England who has ignored the Magna Carta, which was the law of the land in the United Kingdom. Nor was the early Texans were going to put up with Military General, a man who declared himself Dictator usurping the Mexican Constitution and the rule of law.

Now, how much more will Texans tolerate again today a President who has sworn to uphold the Constitution and disregards the rule of law? Their early ancestors sure did not: As the Declaration of Independence from Mexico as stated:

“When a government has ceased to protect the lives, liberty and property of the people, from whom its legitimate powers are derived, and for the advancement of whose happiness it was instituted, and so far from being a guarantee for the enjoyment of those inestimable and inalienable rights, becomes an instrument in the hands of evil rulers for their oppression.”

The US Federal Government does not respect the rights of the states or the civil liberties of the people. The EPA announced the takeover of issuing Permits to power plants and refineries when Texas refused to comply with regulations that would have caused the loss of many jobs. The USDA and the FDA are harassing farms and ranches. The BATF harasses people at Gun shows. Let us not forget the raid they did at the Branch Davidian Religious community that was illegal.

President Obama like General Santa Anna took on powers not delegated to him by the consent of the governed. The TSA is now out of the airports now on city streets in Texas. The TSA is now setting up operations to be in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. President Obama has used the power of executive orders bypassing the congress. I know executive orders have been abused by past Presidents. President Obama has taken the abuse to a completely new level.

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