Bio-weapons launched to promote new vaccines? Norovirus outbreak throughout United States

Sunday, March 4, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Chris & Sheree Geo
Mar 03, 2012

Recent reports from several parts of the United States show that Norovirus may have been launched and spreading throughout the United States Of America. As most of our regular readers and listeners know, we are the last ones who will entertain the idea that bio-weapons are anything more than a fear campaign by the powers that be. However, when we are victims ourselves, we have no other choice than to acknowledge the real threat and bring this information to the public.

Monday February 26th, Sheree became ill and had to be taken to the emergency room. Chris hasn’t been ill since the early nineties so naturally he didn’t believe there was any risk of infection. Wednesday evening, in the blink of an eye, Chris returned home from work feeling 100% and suddenly was overcome with violent vomiting and diarrhea. Sheree’s symptoms started to return so we both went to the emergency room Thursday morning and treated for extreme dehydration. Chris has NEVER stepped foot into an emergency room for anything other than a broken bone or stitches but in this case he felt as if something was seriously wrong and more harm would be gotten from the heavy dehydration and violent dry heaving if left untreated.

Upon further research we discovered outbreaks throughout our area as well as friends and family living in the area who hadn’t said anything until we asked. We also heard reports of friends and family out of state who had had similar symptoms in the past 2 months. Because of the reports from out of state, this prompted more investigation and thus a full report of our findings here.

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