John Williams – Horrendous Implications for Systemic Stability

Friday, March 2, 2012
By Paul Martin
March 2, 2012

John Williams just warned that current problems have horrendous implications for the markets. Williams, who founded ShadowStats, also noted that Bernanke continues to pay lip-service regarding inflation-containment. Here is what Williams had to say about the situation: “Recognition of an intensifying double-dip recession as well as an escalating inflation problem remains sporadic. The political system would like to see the issues disappear until after the election; the media does its best to avoid publicizing unhappy economic news; and the financial markets will do their best to avoid recognition of the problems for as long as possible, problems that have horrendous implications for the markets and for systemic stability.”

John Williams continues:

“Until such time as financial-market expectations move to catch up fully with underlying reality, or underlying reality catches up with the markets, reporting generally will continue to show higher-than-expected inflation and weaker-than-expected economic results in the months and year ahead. Increasingly, previously unreported economic weakness should show up in prior-period revisions.”

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