3/1/2012 — Plumes erupt from New Madrid Seismic Zone = 2.9M quake follows.. more coming?

Friday, March 2, 2012
By Paul Martin


As soon as she made this report, I recorded a whole video on the plumes .. then as the video was processing .. a 2.9M earthquake struck the New Madrid Seismic Zone (TN and AR border).

The plume area in Arkansas is coming from near the dormant volcanic chain which includes Murfreesboro Diamond mine state park … a dormant volcano where you can dig for diamonds.

Also in south-east Missouri — there resides a dormant volcano — not marked on any map.. but you can see the county (i have done this already myself) .. go look up that county on google earth .. and look for the ONLY standalone mountain in the area.. zoom in… and you will see it … clearly an UNMARKED or UNKNOWN dormant volcano.. (for sure unnamed).

The whole event happened this afternoon (March 1, 2012) — viewable on College of Dupage (or any other visible satellite of the midwest USA) …

Video Report…HERE

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