Central Banks Now Operating as One Global Monopoly?

Thursday, March 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Central banks’ joint efforts sustain global system … Never before have the world’s central banks sent so much money sloshing through the global financial system. From slashing interest rates and buying government debt to dangling cheap loans to banks and taking on their risky assets, central banks have taken extraordinary steps since the 2008 financial crisis to nurse the international banking system back to health. Over the past 3 1/2 years, the central banks of the United States, Britain, Japan and the 17 countries that use the euro have pumped out so much money that their balance sheets have reached a combined $8.76 trillion. That’s a record, by far. The infusion of money has eased borrowing costs and raised confidence in banks, governments and companies. – Boston.com

Dominant Social Theme: More is better. But each bank “does its own thing.”

Free-Market Analysis: It is a much denied fact that what may be called a New World Order is continually being developed at the highest reaches of power. But what is less well known is the amount of coordination already developed between the facilities that provide the engine for global governance.

Central banks are separate banking facilities and responsible for various elements of their country’s economies. Some are operated at an arm’s length from government but all are likely, one way or another, controlled by the Anglosphere power elite.

This elite is apparently made up of great Jewish (elite) banking families along with corporate, religious (Vatican) and military interests and they have continually pushed forward with their homogenizing agenda. The general public is not supposed to be aware of this, of course, and Western media is not supposed to explain it.

It is, in fact, a kind of sub-dominant social theme – a promotion of sorts. The idea is that countries are generally driven by independent monetary and economic agendas. The world does not run from the top down.

And yet, we can see increasingly frank indications that Western media, especially in the US, is beginning to state the obvious: Monetary policy is being coordinated worldwide. Here’s some more from the article:

Central banks have revealed no plans to reverse course and tighten credit soon. The Fed has said it expects to keep short-term rates at record lows near zero until at least late 2014. At a House hearing Wednesday, some lawmakers pressed Bernanke about the risks of keeping rates so low for so long.

“One of the problems with setting these horizons out so far is that the private sector starts to expect that, and if circumstances change, crawling back off that limb could be very difficult,” Rep. Melvin Watt., D-N.C., told Bernanke. “The policy is a conditional policy,” Bernanke responded. “It’s based on what we know now. If there’s a substantial change in the outlook, we’d have to adjust accordingly.”

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