The Culture and Mindset of FEMA and Emergency Responders: An Inside Look

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Laura Densmore

I recently had the privilege to interview a highly credible inside source who has worked in the emergency response field for many years. He has been to dozens of trainings over the years. As an insider, he has been to many FEMA training centers, and has access to highly classified information. What my anonymous source shared with me about the culture and mindset of the emergency responder community was very alarming. I will give you a couple of quotes to get started:

“In a major disaster or emergency, the Continuity of Government is the supreme overarching goal. Saving lives is NOT important.”

“The training and preparation is happening in a culture of death. The government is preparing for MASSIVE FATALITIES.”

“The government will NEVER tell you about an incoming asteroid on a collision course with earth in advance. Not even emergency responders, DHS, or FEMA will know in advance. The only folks who would know in advance are the inner circle at the NSA.”

“The goal is to keep the public in the dark: they will never know what hit them.”

Anonymous inside source

What is notably absent? They are NOT preparing or training to SAVE LIVES.

US citizens are now deemed the new “enemy”: US Military spy drones will now be used on the homeland to spy/collect intelligence on US citizens. Now that NDAA bill has been signed into law, for the first time EVER in American history, the US has been declared a “battle zone”.

They are preparing for an ALL HAZARD fatality involving massive fatalities.

There are now HUGE numbers of body bags. They are like zip lock baggies. They suck all the air out and the body inside is vacuum sealed. The sixty four million dollar question is this: WHY is FEMA stocking up on all these body bags? What do they know that we DONT know? What would be the CAUSE of all the massive fatalities that they seem to be expecting?

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