Saturday, February 25, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Kathleen Marquardt
February 25, 2012


When public policy is made by elected officials who are accountable to the people who are governed, then government is truly empowered by the consent of the governed. Sustainable development has designed a process through which public policy is designed by professionals and bureaucrats, and implemented administratively, with only symbolic, if any, participation by elected officials. The professionals and bureaucrats who actually make the policies are not accountable to the people who are governed by them. Henry Lamb, Sovereignty International

Public Private Partnerships

The third path to Sustainable Development, is Public/Private Partnerships. PPPs are business ventures that are undertaken with a partnership between the government (public sector) and private business entities. The businesses promise the government that they will operate under the laws of sustainable development and the government then acts as a bullying big brother to the businesses and forces onerous rules and regulations on those who won’t play the PPP game; this tactic often results in putting the competition out of business while the PPPs get more powerful — thanks to Congress.

We are bombarded constantly by the PPPs messages of going “green” with their products from toilets (that often take several flushes thus negating their claim to use less water) to wind power to building materials. Are all of these products really better for us and the environment? What about the new, green light bulbs?

GE used their partnership with government to ban their own product – the incandescent light bulb and replace it with the new “green” bulbs. Soon we won’t be allowed to buy incandescent bulbs. Why? Because GE can make three times as much from the new ones as they are more expensive. But they are less green than fuel oil. They come with instructions on how to deal with them if they break — don’t touch with your hands, you could absorb some of the mercury; don’t vacuum, the mercury vapor could be released into the air and you or your children could breathe it causing great harm, etc. It is a miracle they don’t require wearing a Hazmat suit when cleaning one up. Nevertheless they are considered “green” because the government decreed them to be because their manufacturer is a PPP and thus only produces “green” items.

And now there is a new kind of corporation being developed through Public Private Partnerships –it’s called “benefit” corporations.

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