Is The Armageddon Strain From Sharon Gilbert’s Book About To Be Released? Mutated SARS In China Or?

Friday, February 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

Mutated SARS in China or Novel H5N1?

Sharon Gilbert
February 23, 2012

The altermedia net is buzzing with rumors of a mutated SARS or avian flu in Baoding Hospital No. 252, Hebei province. The CDC is denying this report, calling it nothing more than net hysteria. While it’s possible that it’s much ado about nothing, it should be noted that Hebei province has suffered from severe bouts of H5N1 since early February, to the degree that egg demand–for fears of transmission–has plummeted.

According to an article posted yesterday at, (click here for English translation via FluTrackers), children are the latest victims:

“Recently, a fever of children really, we pay more attention to our children have lost several a few days fluid.” Recently, the provincial capital of Miss Shi telling everyone that. The data from the hospital confirmed the feelings of Miss Shi: Since last Saturday, the provincial capital of patients with flu-like fever surge on outpatients has more than doubled the previous week.

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