Homeland Security Criminalizing Common Sense Living and Everyday Life

Wednesday, February 8, 2012
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We can tell the US goverment is getting desperate trying to clamp down on the population. They are worse than a paranoid drug addict awake for days on speed think. They are scared of the people. The Government only has the tool of fear they can use to cower us into submission. They are trying send a chilling effect to stop us from speaking out or just living our daily lives. It seems our mundane things we do is now considered possible terrorist activity. I mean normal behavior we do day to day. The only terrorist the exist are the people making up such nonsense.

For anyone with half a brain. Please use common sense. Just because we decide to pay cash for a hotel room or buy a lousy cup of coffee at the local convenient store. It does not mean squat if a person is criminal or not. When I was a truck driver with a CDL. They tried to train the drivers to look out for Al Quaida. It was a joke, because there was no common sense. Telling hot dog venders to watch for the boogeyman terrorist at a Super Bowl game is asinine. Who the hell has time to look for terrorist when they have to pay attention to the costumers?

Here what they were say to look for over the years as a possible terrorist. People writing on paper. paying with cash. People using video cameras. People who have road maps in their car. Sleeping bags and camping equipment like a tent. Binoculars, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders and a GPS system. These are all everyday things people use that are not used to carry out acts against innocent people. Only a tyranny will criminalize normal activity to snare the innocent into the system to justify their existence..

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