Tuesday, February 7, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Carl Parnell, Ed,D
February 7, 2012

If the “man on the street” was asked to describe the type of government that the United States has, he would very quickly say “Democracy.” However, in reality, America has a constitutional republic, which is the “rule of law” through a written constitution. But, as America’s history evolves, America’s government is slowly but surely following a new governmental trend, a trend toward Fascism, which is a monopolistic, state-controlled government which gains control through the economy. In essence, the government makes the private sector think that they own their businesses. But, in reality, the government through its many control mechanisms, taxation, legislation, and regulation, actually controls these businesses. Also, it is a trend toward usurpation of America’s “rule of law.” Unfortunately, this usurpation has been purported that Americans must lose freedoms in order to have security. Of course, this is a lie that should not be perpetuated in a nation where the blood of millions of America’s finest has given their lives on the battlefields around the world for these very freedoms.

Unfortunately, those leaders who would attempt to deny Americans their God-given rights and freedoms belong to all political parties. In other words, voters must really do their research before they cast their votes on Election Day. Each political party has people who are working toward a new day in America when the government that they represent turns on its on people by eliminating the U.S. Constitution and instituting a new government, which would be some faction of Fascism. Of course, if our politicians are successful, America would be positioned to eventually become one of the members of a one world government that has been prophesied in the Bible many centuries ago. Also, it should interjected here that, according to new whistleblower reports that have been come out of the White House, anyone who negatively talks about a one world government has been categorized as a “potential terrorist.” Therefore, those who conspire behind closed doors to make America a state-controlled fascist nation do not want it to be publicized, since Americans might finally wake up to the reality of their abominable game plan.

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