A Game As Old As History: The Globalist Hand Behind The Iranian Mullahs

Thursday, February 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

Samam Mohammadi
The Excavator
February 2, 2012

“A coincidence is what you have left over when you apply a bad theory.” – Percy Williams Bridgman, an American physicist and winner of the 1946 Nobel Prize in Physics.

“And men are so naive, and so much dominated by immediate needs, that a skillful deceiver always finds plenty of people who will let themselves be deceived.” – Machiavelli, The Prince, pg. 62.

“Power is. . .one and indivisible; it is self-centered, self-willed, incorrigible, inaccessible to temptation or entreaty; interest is on its side, passion is on its side, prejudice is on its side, the name of religion is on its side; the qualms of conscience it is not subject to, for it is iron-nerved; humanity it is proof against, for it sets itself up above humanity; reason it does not hearken to, except that reason which panders to its will and flatters its pride. It pursues its steady way, its undeviating everlasting course, ‘unslacked of motion’, like that foul Indian idol, the Jaggernaut, and crushes poor upstart poets, patriots, and philosophers (the being of an hour) and the successive never-ending generations of fools and knaves, beneath its feet; and mankind bow their willing necks to the yoke, and eagerly cosign their children and their children’s children to be torn in pieces by its scythe, or trampled to death by the gay, gaudy, painted, blood-stained wheels of the grim idol of power!” – William Hazlitt, Toad-Eaters And Tyrants.

“But power is eternal; it is ‘enthroned in the hearts of Kings’. If you want the proofs, look at history, look at geography, look abroad; but do not look at home!

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