General Middle East War – Tripping Point

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
By Paul Martin

Tim Alexander

There comes a point in the build-up to war, when events have progressed to a certain point – the tripping point – that war will happen soon regardless of which side fires the first shot. They will lie about who fired the ‘first shot’ regardless. It appears that the Middle East has reached the Tripping Point for a massive regional war.

The near coup (providing that yesterday’s Debka report is factual or close to factual) that almost happened last night/this morning in Damascus by a bought-off Syrian Armored Division commander was to have been a coup d’etal followed by a coup de main. A drive to the center of Damascus by 300 tanks, the taking of key government buildings, and the announcement of same at the UN Security Council, with a quick follow-on of “rebel” forces in Turkey supported by Turkish forces and US/NATO/GCC commandos to finish the job.

That this would certainly have triggered the launching of Syrian/Iranian/Hezbollah missiles in vast numbers against Israel and GCC nations and US and NATO bases in the Middle East and the counter-response to same does not seem to have been a matter of serious concern for the plotters.

A truly massive military build-up in the Middle East, unequaled to anything save for those on the eve of the First Gulf War and the Iraq War, has been taking place for some time now. This multinational movement of enormous land/sea/air assets can only mean one thing – a massive regional war is about to unfold in the Middle East that will overshadow anything before it in history.

That all of this comes at a time when the EU economy is crashing and the entire world’s financial and economic systems are close to the abyss is not an accident. Nor is it an accident that in so very many nations, there is a growing police state type of fascism, often coupled with austerity fascism. Further, the latest international treaty on the Internet (which the US Senate has not approved as the US Constitution requires; but Obama intends to enforce via a extra-legal Executive Order) will allow for the effective closure of Internet based alternative news media sites when the powers that be decide to.

The Global Banking Cartel families have invested a massive effort over the last several years setting up a total global economic collapse. This is part of their drive to establish a new global system of governance and the financial/economic systems to go along with it, which they call the New World Order (NWO). It has not been a secret that many want both a new World War to help reorganize things for their NWO and to dramatically reduce the human population base.

Certainly 21st Century warfare will “reduce” the current population base of 7 billion souls. In fact, the real and very grave danger is that the combination of the three main types of global strategic warfare, thermonuclear, advanced biological, and scalar will be so effective at population reduction that all higher forms of life on the planet will be at danger.

In fact, the amazing thing about the unfolding events in the Middle East is that the globalist side (which includes the extremist Netanyahu government) is determined to begin a terrible regional war in the full knowledge that there are not only weapons of mass destruction on all sides but that the Iranians clearly possess an effective MAD (mutually assured destruction) counter-force against not only Israel and their other enemies in the Middle East but also have a unstoppable MAD against the North American and European homelands and population of their NATO enemy. This is based on the advanced biowar program that they effectively purchased from the collapsing Soviet Union 20+ years ago, by hiring a large number of the out-of-work ex-Soviet biowar scientists.

Just as there is no real effective protection for the Israeli population from the 60,000 rockets and guided missiles in southern Lebanon that Iran and Syria have provided to Hezbollah, nor the many tens of thousands of Syrian and Iranian based guided missiles with their precision targeted fuel-air warheads (and chemical and radiological warheads), there is also no real effective protection for the North American and European population from the genetically engineered recombination DNA based viruses that can be spread by in-place bio-terrorists, once war breaks out.

The Middle East is looking at unheard of civilian deaths from a combination of nuclear, fuel-air, chemical and radiological warheads. In many nations, on both sides, there will not be sufficient people alive left to bury the dead.

Europe and North America are looking at a third or more of their civilian populations dying from one of the many dozens of new man-engineered killer viruses. The only effective defense is self-quarantine, however, few people have the necessary months of food/water/household supplies necessary to maintain such a self-quarantine.

When I look at what is being played out, and the utter illogical nature of fighting a enemy that possess a true MAD counter-force I can only assume that the ‘players’ are insane or driven by a virtually demonic force. There will be no winners from the Third World War. As the late President Kennedy said, “the victors will have ashes in their mouths”.

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