Constitutional Sheriffs to Meet in Las Vagas to Discuss Standing Against Federal Tyranny

Sunday, January 29, 2012
By Paul Martin
Saturday, January 28, 2012

For a long time until about 10 years ago. The FBI had to ask the county Sheriffs permission before they can come into the county. When the siege on the Branch Davidian community came under attack by Federal Forces. The county Sheriff after the fact died with regret not intervening on the behalf of the Branch Davidians when he had the legal authority to stop the ATF and the FBI from killing the followers of David Koresh. What happened in Waco Texas could have been stopped if the county Sheriff interposed himself between the religious community and the Federal goverment.

Since 1988, we have seen the Federal goverment become more brazen attacking the American people through agencies like the ATF and the FBI. The siege at Ruby Ridge and the Branch Davidian community was a wake up call on how the Federal goverment was becoming more tyrannical over the people. The people tried in 1994 with the Republican revolution hoping the stand in the gap between Bill Clinton abusing his power in the office and the people. That was a disappointment because nothing has changed. In 2010, the tea party movement elected a majority o republicans again to stand in the gap between Obama’s power grabs. Nothing has changed and all congress did was give him more power to arrest American citizens without due process. The tea Party republicans have been a major disappointment. So what is the remedy the people have left?

Sheriff Richard Mack who is a former Sheriff in Arizona in a landmark Supreme Court Decision Prinz, Mack vs Brady Bill that was a victory of state rights defeating the Clinton Administration’s anti gun agenda that restored State’s rights and the affirmed the power of the county Sheriff. In the ruling Justice Scalia affirmed the President of the United States cannot tel the county sheriff what to do. With the passage of the NDAA and new regulations to make all American criminal on the Federal level with everyday mundane thing we do everyday. So who can stop this Federal abuse of power on the people?

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