Our Last Chance for Freedom, Their Last Chance for Global Dominion

Tuesday, January 24, 2012
By Paul Martin

Our Last Chance for Freedom, Their Last Chance for Global Dominion
We each can decide the fate of humanity every single day.

by Tony Cartalucci

“And our small planet, at this moment, here we face a critical branch-point in the history. What we do with our world, right now, will propagate down through the centuries and powerfully affect the destiny of our descendants. It is well within our power to destroy our civilization, and perhaps our species as well. If we capitulate to superstition, or greed, or stupidty we can plunge our world into a darkness deeper than time between the collapse of classical civilization and the Italian Renaissaince. But, we are also capable of using our compassion and our intelligence, our technology and our wealth, to make an abundant and meaningful life for every inhabitant of this planet. To enhance enormously our understanding of the Universe, and to carry us to the stars.” -Carl Sagan, astronomer

Indeed, we teeter on a precipice upon which technology and human innovation will either free us from chains that have collectively bound us since the beginning of civilization, or enslave us within a global scientific dictatorship that will crush us so completely we will cease to even be human. They, the global elite know this, while the average person snickers and giggles at what is perhaps the greatest struggle with the most at stake ever in human history. As the global elite mobilize the summation of their power and wealth on a daily basis, many of us do nothing at all to assert ourselves or our claim to our own destiny. Worse yet, many of us witlessly pay into a system that seeks to supplant individual human sovereignty and achieve the ultimate culmination of megalomaniacal dominion over the human race.

A fear stalks the global elite however – the fear of inevitable technological breakthroughs slipping from their monopolistic grip and into the hands of the people. Technology like file sharing, blogging, open source software, and cheaper hardware have allowed the masses to challenge and in some ways dismantle the structure of domination the global elite are attempting to build over free humanity. Rules and regulations, bills like SOPA and PIPA, and other legal tactics attempt to stem the tide or indeed reverse it. In other ways, this “disruptive technology” is below the radar of most in both politics and throughout the public – but a potential battlefield the global elite are already preparing to fight upon.

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