America: An Occupied Land With An Occupation Media

Monday, January 16, 2012
By Paul Martin

The corporately owned media arrogantly claims to be the Mainstream. There has been a move in the alternative press to solidify our position as the dominant news setting source by renaming the Mainstream press. I had been calling them the Corporate Media. Major advertisers pay ten to fifty times as much to reach everyone in their audience as they do in the alternative press audience. It is a corporate press because they knowingly subsidize the disinformation. And we now know those subsidies includes hundreds of millions of dollars in gifts from the Federal Reserve.

I have decided to start using the term Occupation Media to describe their traitorous work in behalf of an Occupying Foreign Power. I hope to convince you that we should all use the term Occupation Media because it leads us to a solution for our problems which is a rejection of that Occupying Foreign Power. I am in this to win.

America’s problem is that she is an Occupied Land with No Exit possible until its citizens recognize the source of their miseries.

The NDAA was not publicized by the Occupation Media until after it was passed. It allows for indefinite detention without trial and repealed the rights granted by Habeas Corpus and the Magna Carta. HR3166 would allow the administration to take away your citizenship without trial. And there was even an attempt by a freshwoman senator who was a former state Attorney General in New Hampshire to overturn a 2005 Amendment so the government could legally torture you. The New Hampshire state motto is “Live Free Or Die”. Someone should tell them they no longer deserve that motto. Maybe they can sell it to the Russians. Putin might appreciate the humor.

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