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Black Swans, Food Shortages, and Social Unrest

Friday, January 13th, 2012

BY RICHARD MILLS 01/13/2012 In 1798 32 year-old British economist Malthus anonymously published “An Essay on the Principle of Population” and in it he argued that human population’s increase geometrically (1, 2, 4, 16 etc.) while their food supply can only increase arithmetically (1, 2, 3, 4 etc.). “The power of population is... »

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Free Speech Is On Thin Ice

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Amir Alwani Friday, January 13, 2012 Is anybody noticing all the flak journalists are getting for trying to do their jobs lately? Free speech of any kind seems to be under attack. It is fairly common now to see people getting arrested for video-taping police officers. To add insult to injury, SOPA/PIPA threatens... »

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Fitch warns of ‘cataclysmic’ euro collapse

Friday, January 13th, 2012 January 12, 2012 The European Central Bank should ramp up its buying of troubled euro zone debt to support Italy and prevent a “cataclysmic” collapse of the euro, David Riley, the head of sovereign ratings for Fitch, has warned. Speaking to investors as part of a European roadshow, Mr Riley said a collapse... »

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Systematic Silence About NDAA Proves Long Plot To Destroy America Is Real, Vindicating Conspiracy Theorists

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Saman Mohammadi The Excavator January 13, 2012 “This year we are witnessing not just a series of brutal but fundamentally independent human rights violations committed by disparate governments around the globe. This year we are witnessing something far more fundamental and far more dangerous. This year we are witnessing the orchestrated destruction by the... »

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Party’s over: France prestigious credit rating downgraded; others to follow…(On To War!)

Friday, January 13th, 2012 January 13, 2012 FRANCE – Standard & Poor’s ratings agency has downgraded France’s credit rating, French television channels reported on Friday, citing a government source. The channels did not provide further details. S&P warned in December that it could downgrade the credit ratings of several euro zone nations if European leaders failed to... »

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Herding Americans to War with Iran

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Robert Parry Consortium News January 13, 2012 For many Americans the progression toward war with Iran has the feel of cattle being herded from the stockyard into the slaughterhouse, pressed steadily forward with no turning back, until some guy shoots a bolt into your head. Any suggestion of give-and-take negotiations with Iran is mocked,... »

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Ex-Israeli Intelligence Officer: “Pearl Harbor” Style Attack Will Be Pretext For War On Iran

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Jerusalem Post article implies US will stage provocation to justify military assault Paul Joseph Watson Prison Friday, January 13, 2012 Former Israeli intelligence officer Avi Perry writes that a “surprise” Pearl Harbor-style Iranian attack on an American warship in the Persian Gulf will provide the pretext for the US to launch all-out warfare... »

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US Stations 15,000 Troops In Kuwait

Friday, January 13th, 2012

DEBKAfile Friday, January 13, 2012 US President Barack Obama is busy aligning Middle East allies with the next US steps on Iran. Contributing to the mounting sense in Washington of an approaching US-Iranian confrontation, the Pentagon is substantially building up its combat power around Iran, stationing nearly 15,000 troops in Kuwait – two Army... »

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Silver Eagle Sales Are Exploding, “Demand is Shocking”

Friday, January 13th, 2012 KWN has been receiving reports about extraordinary demand for American silver eagles, so today King World News interviewed one of the top gold and silver dealers in the United States about what is taking place. Bill Haynes, President and owner of CMI Gold & Silver had this to say about the situation: “Silver... »

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America’s Emerging Dictatorship

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Michael Connelly Poorrichard’s blog FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2012 When our founding fathers declared our independence from Great Britain in 1776 the colonists were already in the middle of a bloody and costly war to secure their freedom. Once the war was successfully concluded it was necessary to create a new nation with a form... »

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