Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
By Paul Martin

by Robert Wenzel

Occasionally in the past, I have received emails from readers asking me if it was time to leave America because of some new infringement on our rights.

In the past, I always responded to these emails by saying that it really depended on who the reader was. Anyone, I usually replied, who was in the securities-brokerage industry or the medical profession should start looking, because of how regulated those industries are. If on the other hand, a surfer dude just living for the next wave, would have little reason to be concerned.

Things have changed so dramatically in the last 6 to 12 months that I now believe you are being irresponsible ,no matter who you are, if you do not have a bagged packed and are ready to move at a moments notice.

It is not as though there is some new country, or land where the breeze blows lightly 365 days a year, and where there is no government intrusion into your life, but things could get so bad in the United States that many places may start to look like happy alternatives.

The United States is a very rich country with only minor government harassment at this time. For the most part, we all have smart phones, internet connections, wear fashionable clothes and eat decent food. I now believe this situation could change at anytime. Please note: I am not saying it will change but that it could, very quickly.

Folks, we are surrounded. It’s no longer the TSA harassing us at airports. It is the TSA showing up announced at a social security office. It is the TSA and unknown black clad government agents showing up at subway and train stations.

Approximately a year ago, while flying out of a west coast airport a man stepped next to me and flashed a badge. He asked if he could talk to me. Totally off guard, I said “Yes.” As he directed me to the side, I noticed another agent at about a 90 degree angle to me. The first agent said they were doing random stops. He asked me where I was flying to and where I stayed in during my trip. He asked what I was doing in the city.He asked some very strange questions. He asked me who had paid for my hotel room. I did and told him so. He asked to see my airline ticket. Then he asked to see my ID. The partner called in my ID. He asked to look in my briefcase. We were obviously way over the line in my mind of “reasonable search.” I had a pair of jeans on a button down shirt and a blue blazer. But, I wondered what would have happened if I had said no to the briefcase search. Would they have held me on other grounds, since the Constitution didn’t seem like it meant anything to these two. I had nothing to hide, so I let them look. I had a flight to catch.

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