Will NH Pick the Orwellocon?

Monday, January 9, 2012
By Paul Martin

Will New Hampshire Pick the Orwellian ‘Conservative,’ Willard Mitt Romney?

by Scott Lazarowitz


~ An updated version of the Ministry of Truth’s slogan from George Orwell’s 1984

The media pundits and the talk radio hosts and their callers have been bending over backwards to label Willard Mitt Romney a “conservative.” They have been desperately trying to fit their ideal of a conservative into Romney like fitting a piece into a puzzle that will never fit – not without a pair of scissors, that is. It is truly Orwellian, this thing with calling a far-left socialist a “conservative.” They might as well call Barack Obama a “conservative.”

In addition to that, many people are trying to find a Republican who is “electable,” someone who can beat Obama in the November, 2012 election. But if Romney does become the Republican nominee and then wins the election, then what? Given that he is bought and paid for by Wall Street, do you really believe that Romney will do anything to fix the underlying causes of our current economic depression (central banking, the Fed, the collusions between Wall Street and the U.S. government, the government’s expansionist empire abroad and deficit spending and ever-increasing debt)? Given what a tax-raiser he was as governor, do you really believe Romney will not be exactly like George H.W. Bush and Bush Jr. in caving like a jellyfish to the Capitol Hill big spenders?

As governor of Taxachusetts, Romney raised corporate taxes, and he also raised hundreds of millions of dollars in higher fees, on guns, marriages, property transfers, you name it. And “Massachusetts conservative” Willard Romney, who went on record in 2002 opposing getting rid of the state income tax, dramatically increased the state budget, according to Center for Small Government President Carla Howell. Any income tax, whether it be federal, state or city, is so dreadfully invasive of property rights, privacy and contracts, and so violating of freedom, who in his right mind could possibly oppose getting rid of it?

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