Friday, January 6, 2012
By Paul Martin

By Dr. Laurie Roth
January 6, 2012

Ouch! I just tripped over the shattered pieces of the US Constitution again and sprained my ankle. As I put pressure on my swollen flesh I can’t help but notice the bloody stump in the corner of what was Posse Comitatus and our Miranda rights. I faintly hear Obama’s voice on the radio introducing the new national anthem, ‘I’d like to teach the world to sing.’ He said that old ‘Star Spangled banner’ was just too bloody for America.

There are enough deadly tracks Obama and the progressive left have led America down that anything short of a wrecking crew won’t even begin to clean up the problem.

The first problem to fix is to throw the ineligible Obama out of office in Nov 2012. Next, we have to throw all who voted for the NDAA bill that shreds our bill of rights, Posse Comitatus and Miranda rights. Shame on Senators, John McCain and Carl Levin for authoring such an American betrayal. Levin has said that he and others, at least 14 Senators tried to get thrown out the part about our military and President having the right to round up US Citizens on vague terrorist charges and hold them without charges, indefinitely.

Senator Levin said it was Obama’s demand to put that back in the bill or he wouldn’t sign it. The bottom line in my book is who cares who said what? Senators and Representatives didn’t have to sign it did they? If they actually loved their country and Constitution they should have stone walled it or destroyed it when Obama demanded something so unconstitutional and immoral! Those who voted for this should never be allowed to be in office again….not even run a paper route or lemonade stand.

• The NDAA Bill must be repealed and crushed by the new President and administration.
• FEMA camps must verifiably be closed.
• The Health care Bill must also be repealed and crushed.
• All attacks on our energy systems, coal plants and power plants must be reversed and stopped.
• The Start Treaty must be reversed and our Nuclear lead put back where it should be.
• Our Military must be supported and built back to the number one military in the world.
• Tax revolution and liberation must and can occur.
• Energy independence, jobs and energy wealth will grow.
• Border security will finally happen and stop the 200 billion a year in drug trade.

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