2012: It Is Not The End of The World, But It Will Be The End of America If. . .

Monday, January 2, 2012
By Paul Martin

Saman Mohammadi
The Excavator
January 2, 2012

1. . .If America attacks Iran. America won’t be defeated on the battlefield, and neither will Iran. Both countries will fight to the point of mental, spiritual, political, and economic exhaustion, and inflict heavy losses on each other until a truce is reached.

2. . .If Ron Paul, or a third-party candidate, is not elected President. The new political consensus in the United States is that Obama sold out the American people and the Republican candidates are fascists, retards, and crazies. America can only be saved if the traitorous Republicans and Democrats are cleared out of the room, and the American people choose a revolutionary like Dr. Paul or an independent to be President.

3. . .If the draconian 2012 NDAA bill and other Martial Law legislation is not destroyed. Giving a secretive, dishonest, lawless, and evil government the power to detain citizens without a trial always leads to government prison camps and government mass murder. The traitors in Washington will seek to impose Martial Law in America now that they have been given absolute power.

4. . .If the State of Emergency that President George W. Bush declared after 9/11 and President Barack Obama renewed is not ended. A State of Emergency allows the shadow government to do whatever it wants, the law be damned.

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