The Bankers By Force Conquer Nations by Force Will Be Removed

Thursday, December 15, 2011
By Paul Martin
Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We are all told Goldman Sachs will rule the world by financial dictatorship running governments. History has shown the bankers created chaos by dive and conquer to take over nations. These bankers are monopoly capitalist who are bent on conquering the world by fiat currency turning people of the world into debt slaves by fraud. They buy off politicians in parliaments and prime ministers to set up a police state to secure the crimes. The banker through their puppets will use all the force if necessary to hold onto power.

There will come a point even their brought and paid for servant political whores will not protect the banking establishment. When these people will be confronted by masses of people in from of their homes and out in public. When a political solution does not work to keep the bankers in check on their power because of threats of financial terrorism of creating depressions if Parliament and the Prime Minster do not do what they are told. When people are hungry and out of work. People might take it into their own hands do something the goverment is not willing to do.

The people of Iceland took it upon themselves and removed the bankers from their country. They refused to accept the fraud to pay for a debt the people do not owe. They stormed goverment building and banks responsible. They arrested the Bankers and many fled fearing arrest with their own colleagues already incarcerated. Russian President Vladimir Putin arrested and drove out then agents of Rockefeller, Goldman Sachs and the House of Rothschild. The goverment in Argentina after the bankers impoverished the people drove out the oligarchs. Brazil told JP Morgan to go take a hike regardless of the threats being made against the government.All these economies are doing well without the bankers. They did what was necessary. Jesus taught us when dealing with the moneychangers, there is no reasoning or negotiating with these thieves and vipers. The only means to drive them out is by force, not with politics as usual.

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