The Council on Foreign Relations and the ‘Grand Area’ of the American Empire

Wednesday, December 14, 2011
By Paul Martin

by Andrew Gavin Marshall

NOTE: The following is a brief six-page excerpt from a 60-page chapter on the origins of the American Empire at the end of World War II. The chapter, nearly complete, is one of several chapters in a book being funded and facilitated through The People’s Book Project, which is aimed at producing a multi-volume book on a modern history of institutions and ideas of power and resistance. Included within the volumes are: the emergence of nation-states, capitalism, and central banking; the rise of the European empires and colonization; the emergence of new dynastic powers, namely the banking and industrial families of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, et. al.; the development of the mass education system as a means of social control; the emergence and evolution of university education, the social sciences, and the formation of new concepts of social control and methods of social engineering; the development, purpose, and effects of philanthropic foundations on society; the emergence and evolution of the consumer culture, advertising, public relations, and advanced systems of propaganda; the development of the “modern institutional society”, with an examination of the different brands in Communist, Fascist, and Liberal Democratic states; the development and intent of the Welfare State, social services, and management of the poor; the effect of two world wars, and the formation of the American Empire with its political, military, intelligence, economic, financial, and cultural apparatus and institutions of expansion, including the American foundations, think tanks, World Bank, IMF, UN, NATO, CIA, Pentagon, etc.; the role of international think tanks like the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission in shaping and re-shaping world order and expanding dominance and control of the world; the formation of an apparatus of global governance and the ideology of globalism; population control and the environmental movement; and finally the emergence, evolution, and role of science, technology, psychology, and psychiatry on the development of a global scientific dictatorship… and what we can do to change all of this!

The above is not even an exhaustive list of the scope of this multi-volume book. Over 500 pages has been written thus far, and there is a great deal more to go, at which point the end result will be broken up into relevant sections as a complete volume on the modern history of ideas and institutions of power in our world, asking and answering the questions: What is the nature of our global society? How did we get here? Who brought us here? When did this begin? Where are we going? Why? … and what can we do to change it.

The People’s Book Project is currently in need of support, as it has run out of funds. Please donate to help ensure that this project can move forward and help support an effort to provide a new examination of our world, and a new understanding in how we can go about changing it! Thank you.

Chapter Excerpt: The Making of the American Empire

The process of establishing an American Empire during and after World War II was not – as has been postulated (by those who even admit there is such a thing as an “American Empire”) – an “accident” of history, something America seemingly stumbled into as a result of its unhindered economic growth and military-political position as arbiter of world peace and prosperity. A vast literature has developed in the academic realm and policy circles – particularly within Political Science and the think tank community, respectively – which postulates a notion of “American empire” or “American hegemony” as accidental, incidental, benevolent, reluctant, and desirable.

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