Paul Unleashes The Truth On Newt

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
By Paul Martin

New campaign ad destroys Gingrich just as he wishes to destroy the US Constitution

Steve Watson
December 13, 2011

Ron Paul has once again hit full throttle and gone on the attack against Newt Gingrich, releasing yet another new ad spot that raises a number of facts Gingrich would prefer the voting public to forget about.

Entitled ‘Selling Access’, the clip is another two-minute web piece highlighting Gingrich’s status as a Washington establishment insider who used his position to reap millions for himself.

“He is the absolute symbol of that corrupt system,” a voice over taken from previous news analysis states in the ad. “This guy hasn’t got skeletons in his closets, he’s got a whole graveyard in there,” says another.

Gingrich is heard bragging about earning $60,000 per speech after leaving office and referring to himself as an ‘insider’.

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